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ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016

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Passion for Excellence

H&L Tool (A subsidiary of Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.), is an ISO 9001:2015 registered leading manufacturer of products manufactured through precision turning and cold forming technology. We stand ahead of competitors by utilizing both of these manufacturing processes under one roof. This provides us the flexibility to undertake large and small volume orders with a quick turnaround at low cost. In addition, we have a precision secondary department to expand our finishing capabilities.

H&L Tool has been listening to the “Voice of the Customer” since 1946. We operate out of an advanced 95,000 square-foot facility. Our main plant houses the manufacturing facility and offices. Our second 21,000 square-foot plant houses our state of the art sort equipment, raw material inventory and service tooling.

Our superior specialty cold formed and machined products are made for various industries worldwide. We proudly service North America, including our home state of Michigan. We also ship to Europe, Asia and South America. 

Being experts in precision turned and cold formed parts makes H&L Tool unique and grants us the flexibility to undertake virtually any request. We are committed to continuous improvement and thus maintain training for all employees, ensuring they have the most advanced technical knowledge. We service various major manufacturers, as well as many smaller companies. With superior customer service, excellent production capabilities and a vast knowledge of cold forming and precision turning, we are ready to work with your company. Contact us for more information regarding the quality manufacturing services we can provide you!