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ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016


RIVETS & PINS, Standard Semi-Tubular and Solid Rivets

We produce standard semi-tubular rivets for joining together a wide variety of parts quickly and securely. These produce strong tamper and vibration resistant joints. These are also used as hinge pins in a variety of applications.


Shoulder rivets are produced in many variations, from simple single shoulder rivets to multi-shoulder rivets. Rivets are used in many different applications, mostly consisting of movable levers or arms pivoting on the shoulders which require close tolerances.


Double-ended rivets are commonly used in hood hinges, brake pedal assemblies and door latch systems.  These rivets feature tenons on both ends to give flexibility in assembly design.


We can produce worm gear drive mechanisms with single and double lead ACME screw threads, utilizing net-shape cold-forming techniques instead of the substantially more expensive and conventional machining process. Worm gears are precisely formed to accommodate drive shafts containing small electric motors that are used to actuate and control the gear. Worm gears are found in many applications where precise and powerful linear movement is required, such as power seat adjusters and power pedal adjusters.


We also specialize in producing a wide variety of net shape spring studs. These are produced completely scrap-free on high speed cold headers. The elimination of a secondary broach operation results in a higher quality finished product. Typical spring stud applications range from hood hinges, emergency brake mechanisms to foldable seat frames, & window regulator applications.


We are a leading supplier of both internally and externally threaded tube nuts, widely used in the manufacture of brake and hydraulic lines for automobiles.


We are a full line supplier of cold formed splines and knurls.  This method eliminates the expensive scrap associated with the machining process typically used in such shapes while dramatically increasing manufacturing speeds.