Quality & pride in workmanship are key factors in H&L's success in the industry.

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ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016

Quality & Pride in Workmanship

Our means of achieving the quality you should expect includes; our APQP team reviewing your engineering specifications and perhaps suggesting options to reduce cost without compromising functionality. Using well maintained manufacturing equipment including error proofing techniques and having computerized SPC stations throughout the plant assures that the manufacturing process remains consistently within specifications. Requiring standardized setups, first piece sign off by the quality department and operators inputting dimensional data via electronically downloaded measuring instruments to a centralized SPC data base during the manufacturing process. This provides real time reporting of any out of control conditions when they are occurring. You can be confident that your parts will be conforming to your specifications.

We have state of the art testing equipment, including microscope optical comparators, with computerized measuring devices, profilometers, Johnson measuring equipment, Impax process monitors, in-house grain flow testing, and certified variable gauges.

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